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 Avdhan Foundation is running the following programs during the year 2013 for spreading education to everyone.  Contribution to foundation is deductable under 80G of Income Tax Act.

  • Share Rs1 per day:  Contribute Rs1/ day for spreading education. Your contribution will be utilized for various educational programs, being run by Avdhan Foundation.
    Contribution:   Rs 365/ year by each individual.
  • Adopt a School: You can adopt any of the school you want, with computer having internet facility to run various Hamari Digital Classroom courses for Class 9/10/11/12 all commerce and science subjects through which school can teach students with expert faculty video lectures and books provided by us.
    Contribution:   Rs 3000/ month for one set of computer.
  • Adopt a Child:  You can adopt a child and contribute for his class content yearly subscription for Online Education through which he can study.
    Contribution:   Rs 1500/ year for one child.
  • Donate your Computers/Laptop:  You can donate us new or your used computers which are in running condition, so we can install them at different community study centers and schools run by Avdhan Foundation.
    Contribution:   Your Computer/ Laptop Set / Ipad /Tablet etc. even mobiles with Internet Connectivity.
  • Donate One cup of Tea:  You can contribute to create 100% literate India by just contributing cost of your one cup tea Rs5 or more per day. Your one cup tea share can create literate India.
    Contribution:   Cost of 1 Cup of Tea/day

Your small contribution can create wonders in the field of education and a distant dream of 100% Literate- Schooled India can be achieved within the targeted time of 10 years.  Your small generosity will be recorded as a great contribution in the history of India for literacy.

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