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Our Projects

  1. Digital Class – Pilot Project for 150 schools, Government of Rajasthan – Hamari Digital Class. Hamari Digital Class is digital class (Hindi and English medium both) where with the help of computer, internet and projector (if available) where you can access Expert faculty video lectures, Books, Sample and Board papers and conduct Digital Class. With this facility every students gets the standardized good quality education content at any place, every town, and every city even in remotest village. Any State Government / Central Government dept. can directly contact us.


    1. Smart Class – Pilot Project with Private Schools – Avdhan foundation is providing smart class facility for a specific period to private schools Hindi and English medium, to promote Equality in education and provide quality education content based on Avdhan science research patterns. In this project with the help of Internet and Computers, expert knowledge of faculties, students from IIT, IIMs, Research scholars- PHD, Corporates reaches to the students in form of Lectures, Study material, Query solution platform and online test.  Any private school can directly contact us.


  1. Community Smart Class – Partnering with different NGOs, trust and Not for Profit organizations, facility for Smart class comprising of expert faculty video lectures is provided in their education centres if they have computer and internet connection in their centre. Any NGO can directly contact us.

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